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The Modular & Zero Waste Darkroom

A phase of the exploration into Indigo dye, as apart of the Arvind Indigo project, I took the series of microscopic images and explored printing them through traditional photographic technique - incorporating Indigo dye into the processes.

Considering that these traditional photographic processes use many hard chemicals, I was concerned with the amount of hard chemistry that will be washed down the sink into the public waterways. So to tackle this I linked up with BITS Pilani, Goa's Waste Water Management course to build a filtration system, that will filter the grey water.

The simple, yet effective system (shown above) uses the canna indica plant (wild canna lily) that absorbs heavy metals such as aluminium, iron and phosphorous, purifying the grey water which runs out after filtering through layers of pebbles, sand and gravel into the garden. When the canna lily blossoms, it produces red and yellow lilies– a beautiful reward for being environmentally conscious!

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