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Art Explore: Surroundings Exhibition

Updated: May 9, 2023

India Art Fair

26th April - 14th May, 2022

Art Explore, Delhi

The whole universe is an expression of pure consciousness which vibrates first as a sound and then ultimately as a form. The very mechanism through which nerve fibres feed information to our brain is through rhythmic pulsations of energy. From the first contractions of our mothers womb at birth to our last dying gasps, we are rhythmic, dancing creatures, dancing in what Ram Dass calls “the only dance there is”. - Ian A. Baker

By capturing the subtle dialogues found in our environment, Meesha creates artwork that explores the symbiotic relationship of our inner and outer experience. In a world which demands a give and take relationship within every facet of it’s ever evolving persona, one must negotiate it’s course(s) energetically - acknowledging the effect of vibrational discourses on the fundamental elements with which one interacts daily. Water – with its depth and mystery – tells endless tales with every movement on the surface. Owning the ability to retain memory, water has the distinction of reflective and demonstrative properties, which can be captured with controlled light. Observing and recording these amorphic dialogues between organic vibrations absorbs us in the constant ebb and flow of the universe. The dialogue is so subtle, we rarely are aware of it. Meesha’s work explores this interconnection and interdependence between all matter and consciousness.

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