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Note: This post delves into the journey behind creating this body of work and the discoveries made after.

I believe with abstract art there should be a sense of spaciousness for the onlooker to arrive at their own interpretation and experience.

Those wishing to hold onto that space, turn away now - & for those intrigued, you may proceed!

Transcendance, 2012

This series was produced in dialogue with a documentary body of work I was creating in my last year at Falmouth. A series capturing the intimate experiences of professional Watersports men & women's with water, entitled Coexisting with Water. An exploration fuelled by my own deep interest in the element.

While producing Coexisting with Water I felt the audience's experience was being neglected through means of documentary, which inspired a more abstract exploration into the element, using tone & form as a means to tap into the viewer's complex relationship with the element.

By working in a completely light-sealed environment (beyond the split second of the exposure), I naïvely thought my influence on the outcome would be negated, I later came to truly understand the proverbial paradox that the observer is the observed. This compact body of work opened my mind to a whole new world of discovery around water, consciousness, and ultimately the universe!

Basal Gaglia, 2012

In presenting these images to my peers at university a correlation was drawn to our inner biology, whether it being organs, chromosomes, blood or brain scans.

Cerebral Imprints, 2012

At the time of producing this series I was awaiting testing for a hereditary neurological disease. In the long outdrawn year and a half of waiting to get tested, I entered a state of depression and deep questioning around my internal and external reality. I leaned heavily into the science behind what could possibly be present and unfolding in my body.

Inception, 2012

Hearing an echo from the audience of words that have been present in my studies on the disease seemed like a strange coincidence.

I later was introduced to Dr Emoto's 30+ year study into water memory - how water has the ability to retain memory on a molecular level. In studying his work, my experience of Watergrams took a new form.

The potential of form rises from a directional force – from unity, a point becomes a ripple – radiating outwards, interacting with other instances where form becomes formless. To depart from serenity and to take on undiscovered form - is to explore duality and eventually to return to unity, just as a ripple on a stimulated surface will eventually return to tranquility.

Dr Emoto - Water Memory

The first of its kind, Goa Open Arts Festival, a four day affair of art, music, performances & workshops held at Don Joao, Nagoa.

Watergrams is a series of 1:1 colour contact prints of water produced using light sensitive paper in the darkroom.

This was the first time the Watergram series was shown to the public since its production in 2012, and it was received better than I could have hoped.

I exhibited the series in a blackened corner of the gallery space with an illuminated tank of water present as a tangible connector to the artworks surrounding, also acting as an interactive experiment, absorbing the vibration of all that were present over the weekend.

To learn more about the series, click the link:

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