I was recently featured in a black + white exhibition at the Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA. Thank you to all that made it out to the exhibition during these difficult times.

A massive thank you to Sara + Todd for sharing these snaps from the exhibition– since I wasn't able to make it to the show myself.

Alone With You, 2020 – from the Coexisting With Water series.

The Dark Room

Microscopic images made into digital negatives.

Test prints: experiments with incorporating indigo dye in different phases of the salt printing and cyanotype processes, exploring techniques of applying formula onto the surface area,

Ajna The Third View

Microscopic view of indigo surrounded by indigofera: Natural indigo pigment + cyanotype formula on silk canvas.

The spectacular unworldly visuals of C16H10N2O2 from under the microscope.

Returning home with a stack of slides and finally the right equipment to capture my images in hires, I began the documentation. By matching the lens of the Fujifilm XH-1 to the eyepiece, I was able to retain the circular planet-like frame I had been obsessed with from the first moment I set eyes on indigo under the microscope.